Fri, 21 Feb, 2020

TWO STATES- A Book Review

By Prabina Neupane

“It is not about the communities. It is about the kind of people we want to be with.” Being grown up watching all those Hindi movies and having Romeo and Juliet as the greatest love story of all time, I perpetually experienced an urge to read a love story which receives a happy conclusion of course without any hero killing any villain.When I first read “Two States” by Chetan Bhagat, I really liked it. It was a simple and a consummate love story. A boy and a girl meet, they fall in love, experience many obstacles in their way, but finally succeed; this simple plot was enough to influence me, maybe because I was in my early teenage when idea of love alone amusing.  Only today when I interpret the book again, there was a lot more in it than simply a beloved story. It explains about the journey of life and its struggles. The principal story is based on the two states and the divisions that exist between people being there.The fact that despite being from the same motherland people think about each other like alien is ironical. The closed mindset parents have that bride or bridegroom should be of same state is not worth considering at least in the age we are living. Apart from the clash between these two states the story also tries to remove the concept people have about big universities like IIT and IIMA. Even in our country people give more importance to college rather than its studies, and students studying there are overrated. Of the things I like about the writer the most is his choice of words. The sentences are succinct, uncomplicated and yet very effective. A reader can read the book more than once and yet get impressed about the book again and again because of the lines written. The story speaks about so many aspects such as ambition, love, hatred, generation gap, forgiveness and yet it is very simple and managed. There is no spot in the book which the reader feels like running away. Whether it is the part when Krish visits the ashram or the part when Ananya convinces Duke to marry without taking dowry, every little event adds value to the story. The story is straight forward and clear i.e. one does not have to take a dictionary along while reading it and the choice of the narrator also helps not to make the story long and superfluous. So in my opinion, the book is wonderful. It is not only a love story but much more than that. To improvise a novel into a movie is a very difficult task- I think it becomes even more challenging when the book is loved and admired. The movie based on “Two States” which is releasing this week is a movie everyone is looking up to. Though not a big movie lover, this movie is the one I am excited about.