Sun, 23 Feb, 2020

Ram Dai - A Man who never gives up

By Ashmita Kunwar

“Ram Dai”, every one of us are conversant with this name, today let’s explore the life story of this man in detail and find out something that might aid us to understand him further. Ram Bahadur Bhujel, born on 2033 B.S in Chapakot, Syangja district is a person, who is flexible in nature and delivers no compromise in his life. He is currently the manager in Deerwalk canteen and lives in Baneshwor with his wife, two daughters and a son. When he was asked about his childhood, I couldn’t see positive vibe in his front. Since his childhood; his life has been burdensome and not comfortable at all. He had two mothers and this contributed a lot for his difficulties. His mother got separated from his father and fought hard to nurture her four children. Like any other children, he always wanted a gentle tap from his father, but, there was no one around to encourage him. It was a dream that never came true. A Poor economic condition contributed to the downfall of his dream of becoming a government officer. He studied in Syangja till grade 3. Then, he moved to Kathmandu with his uncle and continued his study till grade 9 in Ratna Rajya School. After the death of his father, he moved back to Syangja and completed his SLC from there. Speaking about his marital life, he blushed and recalled those most cherished bit of his life. He got married with his girlfriend while he was still in grade 10. He easily convinced his mother as he was her only son. After that, he induced a happy married life with three beautiful children. After his SLC, he started to work in a regional court in Accham district. After working there for six months, he got back to Syangja and continued to work for two and a half more years. At the same time he completed his +2 education. Though he was enjoying his job, he was removed from his job because of governmental policy. He also tried for some other government jobs (“Lok Sewa”) but he couldn’t pass the exams. Whatever occurs, It goes on for some good causes. When he was in grade 10, he had started driving and by the time when he lost his job, he was a good driver. He had the responsibility over his family and furthermore, he was a father of one child by that time. He then began his life in a new fashion. He started working as a taxi driver in Pokhara. After working as a taxi driver, he went to drive “Tempo” in Kathmandu. He worked as a driver in different organizations, NGO ‘S, Consultancy and Travel agencies. Working in UNMIN was the most valuable place by every aspect for him. He was the senior driver among 35 other drivers. He got enough facilities and his rights were protected by ILO. “It was a really good place to be”, he said with a smile on his face. He lost his job because of new rules and policies of UNMIN. He worked in a Travel Agency named World Wide Limited for almost three years. Later he left his job and started his own business as he started driving his own vehicle which he had bought with the help of a finance company. He opened a grocery shop which was mostly handled by his wife. Then he made acquaintance with Mohana Lohanai who used to work in D2 Hawkeye. She suggested him to work in Deerwalk and he did the same. At first, it was very difficult to adjust in the environment of Deerwalk, but, he managed to work in such condition too. After working as a driver for nearly 2 years, he was offered a job of a canteen manager. He was provided with hotel management training and then started his work. It was totally new experience for him. According to him, the work load is very high. He needs to satisfy 200-300 people every day. He enjoys working in Deerwalk but sometimes he feels unsatisfied when people do not value his work. He is happy and satisfied with his life. Her mother is gratified with his work; he respects her so much, as she was the only one to make him what he is today. He wants a good life for his children too. He is always beside them and wants to give the love which he never had got. He said, “They are doing well in studies and I want to provide every resource they need.” His only aspiration is to give his children happiness and prosperity. One day he wants to settle back in his village there with his mother and wife whereas his children will be studying in Kathmandu. He has a noble aim and may his hard work lead him to his dream.