Sun, 23 Feb, 2020

The Presentation Session of DeerExpress Season 3 conducted

By Ashmita Kunwar

On 11th April 2014, the last session of DeerExpress season 4 was held in the Lhotse seminar hall. It was the presentation session and each contestant was given 5 minutes to present their topic. All the six contestants from three different batches were there in the program with full preparation and were confident than ever before. As this was the last time to express themselves to all the judges and the audience, they were more energetic and determined. To judge the contestants, four judges were assigned to four different categories, namely, body language and eye contact, content and time, grammar and pronunciation and overall. The formal program began with the presentation by Sameer Shrestha and he stated his view on the title “Internet Vulnerability”. Sameer Shrestha was followed by Anju Shahi with her topic “Persuasion” and she easily caught the attention of the audience. With her confident voice and the way she presented her ideas, she made the session quite interesting. Bidish Acharya was the next and his topic was “The Value of Time”. He presented his thoughts regarding the importance of time giving different examples. When he said, “To know the value of 1 week, ask DWIT News Editor” a huge round of applause was passed by the audience. The next presentation was made on the title “Paranormal” by Aabhushan Gautam. His presentation broke the silence and brought a smile on everyone’s face. He talked about ghosts and different types of haunting. The presentation in which lots of questions were asked by the audience was on title “Are we alone?” by Dipesh Paudel. He presented on an interesting title and everyone was curious to know about the aliens. The last presentation was made by Neesha Dhungana on the title “Cohabitation”. She talked about living relationship and its situation in Nepal. After the presentation was over, the result was announced and Anju Shahi, with 19 points was the winner of this presentation session. Bidish Acharya, Sameer Shrestha, and Deepesh Paudel, with 15 points each, shared the 2nd position. Similarly, Aabhushan Gautam got the 3rd position and Neesha Dhungana ended up being 4th. Though this was the final session, the final result has not been declared yet; all the contestants are waiting for the result. In the upcoming session of the new season, the winner of the 3rd season will be declared. For additional information, contact: Asmita Bista, President – The DeerTalk Club; Email:; Phone: 4-485424.