Sun, 23 Feb, 2020

Open House Session IV Conducted in DWIT

By Ashmita Kunwar

Open house session IV was conducted on June 14, in Deerwalk complex in Nupse. There were 16 eager students from different colleges. They were there to know about B.Sc.CSIT and DWIT. The formal session started when Academic Director Hitesh Karki introduced himself to the students. They were provided with the college brochure. They introduced themselves to the mass. In the program, students were given information about different computer related bachelor degrees in Nepal and was concluded that B.Sc.CSIT was the most advantageous of all. The advantages and benefits of DWIT’s course structure were discussed in detail by the academic director himself. He highlighted some of the features such as; non-credit courses, online courses that are compulsory to undertake while studying at DWIT and the internship opportunity at Deerwalk Services. They were made familiar with different clubs of DWIT namely DeerExpress, Media Club, DWIT News, IT Club and many more. Information was flowed about the sites that the college uses to make things easier and efficient. As students of DWIT build different software products and applications, it was informed that the college not only buys the apps developed by the students but also facilitates the students to sell those apps to the bigger market. The students were admonished about the academic pressure at DWIT due to non-credit and extra classes, which are the part of courses here. Students were required to be institutionalized if they wanted to study at DWIT. After that, Campus Chief Surendra Adhikari briefly discussed about the fee structure of the college and how fees were to be paid in every semester in installments. He also clarified about the scholarship scheme. Students were informed about the entrance preparation classes at DWIT. The students were very happy and satisfied with the session. They were sound and clear about the information they got from the speakers.  They had positive feedbacks regarding the session and were looking forward to joining DWIT for their career path.