Sun, 23 Feb, 2020

Live Your Life Now, Death is Inevitable

By Ashmita Kunwar

So much work, so much pressure, no time for me to think about my personal life, no time to dream about my future man. Uff!  I am fed up with my life; this compelled me to think of being apart from my life. So, what about you? Have you ever thought about the last moment before you die? If yes, how does it feel? If no, just go ahead and think about it.  Imagine yourself lying on a hospital bed, knowing the fact that after a few days you are going to die for sure. Picture it in your mind with a deep feeling for it. So, how does it feel; scary, frightening, horrifying? Some of us might even get paralyzed. Ah!! No one can think. I think it’s fair to conclude that death might be the most fearful thing people have. If just imagining it is this fearful, what will the real situation be like? No one wants to die. We know that death is inevitable and we are never ready to deal with it. As Steve Job says, “Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there.” But, death is the only common destination we all share. No one can dare to escape out of it. To quote Jobs again, “It is a natural process which clears out the old ones to make a way for the new ones.” The only problem is that we cannot run away from it, sooner or later we have to face it for sure. And the good point is that death is a part of life and is certain for all those who are born, not to any specific ones. Yes, fear of death is higher to those who don’t want to go far from their loved ones and leave them with sorrow. Losing someone whom we love is very dreadful. We must deal with the death of loved ones at some point in our lives. When we lose someone special we grieve, cry and curse our fate for making this happen. Also, death is a big problem for those who commit sins in their life, because death is the end of one phase of life and the beginning of the next phase, where all of our past lives are evaluated and time to decide our new life. For a good person, a good life and for a bad person a very painful life will be determined. For some people death is nothing, they take it normally. Those who think death as a step in the circle of life have no worries. It is just a beginning of new life with god in heaven. Oh! Many of us will say “why do I sit thinking about death”. There is no point in scratching your head thinking about the fear that will eat your mind up for sure. There is no point in thinking about the death and worrying from today. No doubt, life and its complexities always make us think long and hard with no ending of it. As much as we think, we are encircled by many problems and confusions. Every one of us has a unique perspective of life. Life is not simple, life is indeed difficult, but its beauty is much more overwhelming that we can only feel when we go through ups and downs of life. We are given limited time to live and it’s up to us how we utilize it. Live your life. Do what you want and don’t ever let yourself regret for not doing things when you had the chance to do. As someone wise has said, “Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude. Life is short, live it, love is rare grab it, anger is bad dump it, fear is awful face it and memories are sweet cherish it.”