Sun, 23 Feb, 2020

DWIT Guests Enjoy the Deerwalk Picnic

By Ashmita Kunwar

Same routine and same work make our life monotonous. Therefore, every now and then, some refreshment is required for all of us. Knowing this fact, Deerwalk organizes picnics every year. To extend the same practice, on April 27, Deerwalk Annual Picnic 2014 was organized in Tribhuvan Park, Thankot. Since this is an annual program of Deerwalk, every employee seemed energized for the picnic. Besides the employees from Deerwalk, the students doing intern in Deerwalk, CRs from every batch and the management team were all invited to the picnic. The main highlight of the picnic was the presence of president of Deerwalk Services, Jeff Gasser, and Chief Operating Officer, Bill Higgins. People were picked up from their respective stations and all the vans reached the destination by 9:30 AM. By 10 AM, almost everyone gathered at the picnic spot. Breakfast was taken at around 12 AM and the fun started. A conventional program of picnic, then set off with some team games like three-legged race and Tug of War. These games brought an excitement in the surroundings. Next up, there was a speech from President Jeff Gasser and Bill Higgins. The employees were awarded with trophies for the team games and the carom tournament. People were enjoying the barbeque and chilled beers along with the stage performance. Different musical performances made the environment more energetic and cheerful. After the completion of musical performances, the floor was then all set for dance. Dancing was open to everyone; people were dancing all around and were having a great time. At 4:20 in the evening, the picnic ended and everybody moved to the vans to reach back to their homes. It was a great fun and everybody seemed to have enjoyed the day a lot. Thanks to Deerwalk for the invitation. Summing up the day, it was fantastic.