Sun, 23 Feb, 2020

DWIT Conducts All Hands Meeting

By Ashmita Kunwar

12th June 2014 was scheduled for the all hands meeting, which is the regular program of DWIT and was conducted in Lhotse Hall starting at 10:40 A.M. The program was conducted in the presence of Campus chief, Surendra Adhakari, Academic Director, Hitesh Karki, Associate Director of R&D Alok Koirala and other management team members. Students from all the three batches were present for the program.The program was organized to discuss about the overall progress of DWIT, student progress, some unfulfilled tasks along with the future plans. The formal program started with Campus Chief’s presentation on non-academic activities of the college. The issues discussed by Campus chief were about decorating class rooms, discipline, facilities provided by the college, attitude/professional behavior.The last topic he discussed was 'Committed scores VS the secured scores. He was more focused on these topics as these were the basic and the most important ones for all the students of the DWIT. He stressed on the discipline of the scholars inside the college, dress code, time management and other soft skills that are required to work with the students for a better and good working environment. He stressed that, just getting good marks in studies will be of no value until and unless such things are not taken into account by the students. Next, Academic director Hitesh Karki notified about different academic activities going on in DWIT. He informed the student body on the term paper program, which is going to be conducted soon in a formal manner with the batch of 2016 and 2015. He also spoke about the hostels and bus services which are under deep consideration. Annual Fest is the upcoming program that is going to take place in DWIT for which he advised every student to take part in and try something new. He also said that he wants the students to pronounce the college name "DWIT" as “DO IT”. Participation in NASA Hackathon was a learning process. He also urged that DWIT always looks for new challenges and will participate only in those competitions which offer new challenges. He was quite glad to share that students now are engaged in different processes such as, club management, open source projects for ticketing software… etc. He openly shared that his ambition or goal is to make DWIT the best college in Nepal and make it capable to compete with the best colleges in India and the world. Associate Director of R&D, Alok Koirala, talked from the very beginning of his college days, his job here in Nepal then his journey for master’s degree in India and the entry in VMware Company. Though he was totally satisfied working in a company which falls under the top 100 IT companies of the world, he is now working in DWIT. When he heard about the DWIT for the first time, he was so fascinated about it and wanted to do something from his side and help the students. Finally, he is in DWIT with a vision to make DWIT as the center of excellence in computer science education and fostering the entrepreneurship among students leveraging their theoretical and the practical knowledge. He suggested every student to learn, explore and innovate, have strong theoretical knowledge which is the minimum requirement and not to limit themselves in one particular work and operate everything. He told that he is here to mentor students in different software works and he is fully determined for that. The program had a good ending with the launching of the software made by Hitesh Karki for the library management system and the attendance management system (CCMS), developed by Batch of 2015. Also, group photo session of all the batches were done. The program finally ended after a long session of almost three and a half hour.