Mon, 17 Feb, 2020

Batch 2017 Go for Semester Break

By Ashmita Kunwar

It’s time for the batch of 2017 of DWIT to go for the semester break. For students, these types of vacations are really important as it will help the students refresh their mind. These holidays will surely help them refresh and get back to the college with tons of zeal and the eagerness to learn new things. The formal vacation starts from 2nd June and ends on the 9th of June. Within this time frame students will completely stay away from academic activities and be as lively as they can. They will prepare themselves mentally and physically to join the next semester. This break will completely heal the entire weariness of the whole semester. Apart from these, students can also utilize this time to learn the things that they missed learning in the previous semester. They can strengthen their programming skills as they won’t have enough time to catch up with these things in the second semester. The students were truly in need of a semester break and students deserved it too, after the pressurized schedule of 6 months. All the students were feeling the monotony of continuous study and wishing to have a short gap between semester I and semester II. They wanted a break, but they were not certain whether college will allow a break or not. Luckily, the administration understood the psychology of the students and decided for 1 week short vacation. Bipin Poudel, student from batch 2017 said, “I will utilize this vacation to do something fresh and different that will provide complete pleasure, as this is the perfect time”. Then there is Asmit Ojha, who is against this break. He said, “I never like these short vacations as they will make me feel bored whole day.” All the students have their own plans for this break. As most of the students are from outside the valley and they have already gone to their homes to see their parents and some have planned to go for a tour with their family and friends. But, except for few students, all the other students were very happy with this vacation and had a glow in their face. Enjoy your semester break, just be happy and gather lots of vitality for the next semester with the positive attitude of discovering new things in new semester.