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The First College Daily In Nepal

DWIT News is proud to be Nepal's first and only online daily completely managed and run by college students. It was founded on March 2, 2014 by Hitesh Karki, Nikita Gautam and Ashmita Kunwar. It is registered with the Department of Information Nepal. The company, under the name D.W.I.T News,, is registered with the Office of Company Registrar on 6th May 2016 with the registration number, 148852/72/73. The PAN number of the company is 604255048.

DWIT News is your direct connection to outside world. Although the direct audience comprises of members of Deerwalk Family, including students, faculty, and alumni of DWIT and DSS as well as employees of Deerwalk Services, it has a wide audience base both inside and outside of the county. We also reach out to a wider audience through our weekly news bulletin, and articles expressing the views and opinions of students on social and national matters.

Our Team

Sushil Awale | Editor-in-Chief

Sushil Awale is the Editor in Chief at DWIT News. He has been involved with DWIT News as an Editor for the past one year. He is also working as an Editor for Sushil is fascinated by how collaboration between technology and entrepreneurship is solving some of the pressing problems in the world today, and spends most of her time researching and reading on the subject matter. Apart from this, he loves cycling and watching the Premier League. You can reach him at

Aadesh Dhakal | Editor-in-Chief


Aakankshya Shrestha | Editor

Aakankshya Shrestha is the Review Editor at DWIT News. She has a wide range of interests and likes to try new things. She reads a lot in her free time and sometimes she writes as well. She feels that writing stimulates her creativity. Her idea of a good time involves a good book and a cup of plain black coffee. In her leisure time, Aakanshya indulges herself watching movies and TV series and trying out new recipes. You can reach her at

Giriraj Khatri | Editor

Giriraj Khatri is the Opinion Editor at DWIT News. He has been expressing his opinion on political and national matters in DWIT News for the last one year. He writes to express his feelings and impact lives of people. He believes that the power of writing leads to inspiration and reduce humiliation and suffering. Along with writing, he also uses his camera lens to pass the messages around. Mr. Khatri enjoys reading and going out in nature. You can reach him at

Moon Shrestha | Reporter

Moon Shrestha is a writer at DWIT News. She describes herself as an independent person who believes that no one but herself is capable of changing her life. She loves spending time with nature and is fascinated by the wonders of it. She is interested in journalism as she believes it educates the public mind and does not stock it with wanted or unwanted impressions. Moon is also fond of music, loves to eat, and travel and is always excited to meet new people. You can reach her at

Shreya Sapkota | Reporter

Shreya Sapkota is an author at DWIT news. She is a person with varying interests which gradually develops through time and situation. She likes spending her time indoor with a good book or a good movie. She also likes spending time with her friends or family, traveling and shopping. She enjoys all the small things in life and has different views on it. She loves how writing makes it so much easier to express your views and feelings. You can reach her at

Our Alumni

Sweekriti Gautam

Sweekriti Gautam was a reporter at DWIT News. She has been writing for DWIT News for the past one year. She is fond of writing short stories in her spare time and has a deep interest exploring the lives of people. Apart from this, she loves listening to music, shopping and watching movies. She dreams of having the chance to travel around the world and experience everything that life has to offer. She finds writing as the best way to express every moment of her life. She joined DWIT News to solidify her passion for writing. You can reach her at

Takdir Bartaula

Takdir Bartaula was the Nepali Editor at DWIT News. He has been involved with DWIT News for the past one year. He mainly produces creative writings full of humor and sarcasm. He finds satisfaction in writing and joined DWIT news with the hope that it will help his passion in writing. Apart from this, he loves listening to music, watching movies, series, and playing sports.