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Monthly Archives: August 2017

  • Just To Say

    Just To Say

    Found an old diary At the drawer. All the pages were blank, And the first page was torn out.   These blank pages echoes much, Now left to be filled, By the spirit of […]

  • Funeral of Your Memories

    Funeral of Your Memories

    And still today- I’m thinking of you.   I think of you- Of those old days when you would often mock and tease, calling me Monkey, and now I love that word. I think […]

  • On The Memory of my Friend

    On The Memory of my Friend

    His name was Aasis. A cherished fellow, And a cool mate, We used to call him by his nickname Bakkhe   We were in school days And my neighbors had held Saptaha Puran. It […]

  • Book Reading Session- II Ends

    After successfully completing the first book reading session, Deerwalk Literature Society organized its second session with the book Palpasa Café by Narayan Wagle. The session started on June 20, 2017, with a total of 15 members.

  • On Quitting Poetry

    On Quitting Poetry

    Nothing can be formed new, Until it first burns in its own flame. Till to ashes.   History knows, The heroes have fallen and failed, For countless times- to shine again. And history even […]

  • Remorses


    I have accepted, The pain as my master. Each and every time it thrashes me, It provides me a new lesson, Making me more determined, And many things are always better – left unsaid […]

  • The Search for Peace

    The Search for Peace

    All works put on a halt, No! A person can’t be happy, When his soul has lost its vibes, With no signs, Of being connected again.   For, Five days- I traveled through Boudha, […]